Your Stormwater Information Resource

The Partners for Clean Water work together to educate our community on stormwater management, water quality, and pollution prevention. Educating residents of the Treasure Valley on these important topics helps to reduce pollution and protect the health of the Boise River and other local waterways.

The members of the Partners for Clean Water are the cities of Boise and Garden City, the Ada County Highway District (ACHD), Boise State University (BSU), Idaho Transportation Department District #3, and Drainage District #3. Our members provide staff and financial support for our efforts to improve public knowledge on stormwater management and water quality related topics. The Partners are also supported by the city of Meridian and the city of Caldwell. This additional support expands the reach of our effort and helps educate residents in other areas of the Boise River watershed.

Stormwater Management Program Plan (SWMP) Updates

The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) has completed an update to its Stormwater Management Program Plan or SWMP as required annually by the MS4 Permit.  The SWMP provides details on the specific activities that ACHD will undertake in the coming year to comply with MS4 Permit requirements.  ACHD is accepting public comments on the SWMP until January 13, 2017.  Comments should be made via e-mail to ACHD's Stormwater Program Supervisor, Erica Anderson Maguire


ACHD SWMP Appendices 1-12

ACHD SWMP Appendices 13-15

ACHD SWMP Appendices 16-17

Additionally, the City of Garden City has also updated its SWMP and is accepting public comments until January 14, 2017.  Comments should be made to Kevin Wallis, Garden City Department of Public Works.

Garden City Phase I SWMP

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Tour 

The Partners for Clean Water have developed a Green Stormwater Infrastructure Tour to highlight implementation of GSI practices in the Lower Boise River Watershed. The tour is accessible online and interested parties can also visit the sites in person to view the GSI installations.


Pollution Prevention Information for Businesses

The Partners for Clean Water have developed fact sheets targeted to specific businesses to provide enhanced education and outreach on stormwater pollution prevention.  The Partners have selected Mobile Businesses and Commercial Landscapers as our target industries due to the potential for stormwater pollution from activities associated with these types of businesses,

Enter Commercial Enter Residential