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Pet waste pollutes the Boise River and other local waterways.

When it rains, bacteria from pet waste is carried from our backyards, parks and trails to the nearest storm drain. These harmful bacteria end up in the water where we swim, fish and play and can have a negative impact on the river's overall ecosystem.

Boise is a pet-friendly community; you can make a difference by being a responsible pet owner. Carry bags with you to pick up pet waste. Collect your pet’s waste in a bag and deposit it in a trash can, or dump it in the toilet without the bag. Do NOT leave bags on the side of trails—there isn’t anyone designated to pick them up and will impact our trail system. Routinely pick up your pet’s waste (or hire someone to do so) so you’re not contributing to decreased downstream water quality.

This will not only keep your neighborhoods' clean, but it will have a bigger impact on our river systems here in Boise.

Boise has upcoming events to bring the community together to help clean up our public parks and trail systems we all enjoy of animal waste! Find out more about these events by visiting our calendar.

To keep this information in your home, download the PDF.