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Pet waste pollutes the Boise River and other local waterways.

When it rains, bacteria from pet waste is carried from our backyards, parks and trails to the nearest storm drain. These harmful bacteria end up in the water where we swim, fish and play and can impact the health of the river.


While Boise is a pet-friendly community, it is important that all pet owners be responsible and clean up after their pets. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Pick up pet waste when you walk your pets in public areas and also in your own yard.
  • Dispose of pet waste properly in the trash; do NOT dispose pet waste in your compost cart.
  • Do NOT leave bags on the ground or on the side of the street, the Greenbelt or trails in the Foothills.  No one is designated to pick them up.

Other actions that you can take include:

  • Coordinate with your neighbors or neighborhood association to install a pet waste station in areas where pets are walked frequently.
  • Encourage your neighbors to pick up after their pets.
  • Re-use plastic shopping bags to pick up after your pets.

Taking these actions will help keep our streets, neighborhoods and parks clean while protecting the Boise River from polluted stormwater runoff.